C4 Information Systems Technology

(Command, Control, Communication, Computers)

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Information Systems are important elements for all aspects of a business. The time ADP(Automatic Data Processing) was a means of administering and supporting the business is long ago, Managing the Information-Aspects of any business has become a primary concern.
Running a modern business requires strategic tool-sets and more often than seldom information is tactically handled with the tool-set.
The terminology of C2(Command & Control) was borrowed by the military and cooperatives / enterprises found that modern C2 is applied leadership.
It has become important for Leaders and Managers to have information rapidly, trustful and presentable available all the time supporting the decision-process for all kind of issues of the business.
Cooperatives and Enterprises are not only functionally and structurally organized, normally they are dislocated intensively. The distribution of information is a key-factor. The appliance of corresponding Technology is key for effectiveness and value for money
The fact that all businesses are competing with some or many businesses, sometimes globally, require a sensitive structure of information management for promoting the business and protecting sensitive elements too.
In this digital world information flow has become much more than communication as it was understood some 30 years ago. Voice exchange (Telephonic systems), TEXT-Exchange (Mail / Document / Messaging), Picture-Exchange (FAX / Images / Virtual-Representation) are Information-Domains with overlapping footage, yet special demand.
Security-Implementation is an aspect that has promoted global thinking and global acting. Trust is required for any business and information-systems require security for authentification, authorization and protection. Security is a major concern for hardware and software alike. The dynamic presentation of information collected from online resources bear new challanges as well as chances.
In the 1980s NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has formed the C3 Structures in support of the need to provide adequate C2 capabilities and has added one more remarkable C - for Consultation - . This is worth to be analysed, because with the SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) the modern Web-Technology on the Internet(WEB2) is based on negociating with Service-providers forming higher level services. Provider Consultation is a key element for success and shared / federated business. The C3-Mechanisms provide a greate fundus for solide Value earned through consolidation for services becomming business.
C4 optimized Information Systems enable the business to position itself at the most apropriate location and still make all required information timely, fashioned, secure and effectively accessible. BRAWOAIR C4IST-Consultancy is going to support building networks and systems for the business of the 21st Century.
Wolfgang Braukmann
Kuhweg 11
D-26532 Grossheide
info at C4ST.DE
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